Alphabet memory

Alphabet memory

Test their memories and recall with the fun and educational learning game alphabet memory. This is a great brain-teasing kids activity for children of all ages who love to test the ability to remember words. Play with the whole family and see who does best!

What you need:

  • Just your voices

Number of players:


The first person starts with the letter A and says “A is for —” filling in the blank with any word beginning with the letter A such as APPLE, ALPHABET, ANIMAL, etc. Let’s use APPLE.

The second person then does the letter B, but must also remember what A was! So, they say “A is for APPLE and B is for BOY”.

Then, the third person starts with A and B and then adds in their suggestion for C like this “A is for APPLE, B is for BOY and C is for CATERPILLAR” and so on.

See how far along the alphabet you can get!

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