Animal, vegetable or mineral game

Travel games and activities for children of all ages will occupy them for hours. Children will love this game as it is fun to guess and interact with each other.



Someone thinks of an object that falls under the category of either animal, mineral, or vegetable.

Once they think of a category they tell tell the other players which group it is in.

The players then take turns asking questions that can be answered with a YES or NO.

For example, if the object is a marble it’s made from glass so it’s mineral.

The questions in this instance could be:

‘Is it alive?’… ‘No’
‘Can I use it?’… ‘Yes’
‘Is it useful?’…’No’
‘Is it small?’…’Yes”
‘Can I play with it?’…’Yes’
‘Is it a marble?’ ‘Yes’

After 20 questions, if the obeject hasn’t been guessed already, everyone has one last go and then it’s the next person’s turn to choose an object.

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