Balloon characters

Balloon characters

Create balloon characters with your child and let their imaginations run wild. This fun art and craft kids activity encourages kids creativity as they learn about various animals, what they look like and how to make them out of balloons!

What you need:

  • balloons
  • funnel
  • flour
  • permanent markers
  • adult assistance

Number of players:


Help your child blow up the balloons and then deflate them – large round balloons work best.

Place the funnel into the end of the balloon and use a teaspoon to add as much flour as possible.

Next, add drops of water until the flour is the right texture to be shaped and tie the balloon.

Encourage your child to shape the balloon characters using funny or crazy facial features such as big cheeks, pointy ears and squashed noses. Use the markers to add the finer features.

You now have the perfect characters for hours of imaginative play!

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