Beach mini golf

Beach mini golf

If your family enjoys a day out at the beach or a lazy day in the park, beach mini golf is a fantastic outdoor activity to keep your family active. Just give the kids some spades and buckets and let them build a course worthy of a championship round!

What you need:

  • buckets
  • spades
  • paper cups (optional)
  • shoe box (optional)
  • decorations such as mini flags, hoops, plastic toys etc.
  • plastic golf club and ball

Number of players:


Choose any part of the beach to build your course. The sand doesn't have to be flat for mini golf, in fact it is more fun if there are lumps and bumps in the way.

Set up your course with features made from the paper cups and shoe box. You can cut the ends out of the shoe box and make a tunnel to hit your golf ball through, and the cups can be used as a hazard too.

Most of all, enjoy you time with the family playing at the beach.

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