Bottle drop game

Bottle drop game

For a wiggly, giggly and fun game at your next kids party you can’t go past the Bottle drop game! Simply grab some string, empty bottles and some small items and enjoy the laughter and delight that follows.

What you need:

  • String
  • Small objects like paper clips, life savers or pegs
  • Scissors
  • Empty soda bottles

Number of players:


Divide into two teams.

Each team should stand in a circle.

Cut pieces of string long enough to tie around each team members’ waists with an extra 50cms.

Each team ties their strings on and is given a small object that will fit through the bottle opening to tie to the end of their string.

These objects can include a paper clip, pen top, or life saver.

Place the soda bottles on the floor in front each child.

The aim is for each player to maneuver their string object into the bottle without touching the string.

Yell “Go” and watch the fun follow!The first team to have all their objects in their bottles wins!

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