Bubble-wrap hopscotch

Bubble-wrap hopscotch

What fun!!! One of our favorite things to do when we get a package is jumping and dancing on the Bubble-Wrap provided! That is half the fun of opening it! So this activity will be a sure fire winner with your kids.

What you need:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Chalk

Number of players:


Set up a short hopscotch trail outside, using squares of Bubble-Wrap and numbering them as needed!


Take the lead, demonstrating the idea, it is delightful fun!

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Stand back and let him give it a go…He was fascinated by the numbers as well as the popping!


Look I can do it! I can count, jump, and balance on one leg….and still pop bubbles!!! I’m a big kid now!! Much like my sister in the corner popping her own bubbles. Yup…she just had to get in on the action!!!

What I liked about this: 

All of my favorite things were involved, jumping running, counting, and popping bubble-wrap!! 

What I learned: 

  • Number recognition
  • Motor Development, and balance
  • Repetition, and Patterns in Movement

This blog was written by Bermabot, Kidspot Social member, for the Hasbro Month of Play promotion.

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