Bucket of eyeballs

Bucket of eyeballs

Collect your lollies or display your goodies in this monster-friendly eyeballs bucket that will impress even the scariest visitor this Halloween. It's easy to make and even the little kids can help out with fun decorating.  You can use our FREE printable template for the eyeballs!

What you need:

Number of players:


To create your bucket of eyeballs you can use styrofoam balls cut in half or paper eyeballs. Better yet, use a combination of both!

For the paper eyeballs, use the black marker to draw different sizes and shapes of eyes on the craft paper. Or you can use our FREE printable template full of eyeballs! Just print out as many as you need.

Cut the eyes out, keeping some eyes stuck together rather than cutting them all out individually. Vary the colours of the paper to make different eyes different colours.

Draw eyeballs on with black marker.

For the styrofoam eyeballs, cut each ball in half. Use a black marker pen to draw on a black pupil. Use a red marker pen to draw on some scary bloodshot veins.

Glue eyes all over bucket.

Fill bucket with lollies or dried corn or arrangements to add some festive flair and celebrate Halloween with your kids.


  • Thanks to our sister company Kidspot Australia for the printable template.

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