Change Maker

Change Maker

Get the mathematical minds ticking by adding money into the equation. This great game teaches currency easily making it perfect for school aged children to advance their spending skills!

What you need:

  • computer with internet access

Number of players:


The child is asked to figure out how many of each note or coin that the child expects to get back when they pay for something.

For example, if something costs $3.80 and they pay with a $5 note, the child would expect back one 20 cent piece and a $1 coin.

If they get the answer correct, the amount of change is added to their piggy bank.

If they get the answer wrong, the correct amount of change is subtracted from their piggy bank.

The more money you get in your piggy bank, the harder the questions will get.

Visit the website, select the difficulty level and your local currency to get started!


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