Craft a dress-up paper beard

Craft a dress-up paper beard

Crafting any dress up is excellent fun for the kids and this is one they can do mostly by themselves – with only a little supervision. Any length, any design, kids will have a great time crafting and wearing their new beard.

What you need:

  • coloured paper
  • scissors
  • 2 lengths of string (both 15cm long)
  • tape

Number of players:


Cut a piece of coloured paper in half.

Cut strips along it, always stopping when you are 3cm from the top, so it's like a fringe.

Tape each length of string to the top of each side of the paper fringe-beard.

Fasten the beard to your child's head by tying the two lengths of string together at the back of their head. 


  • Create layers for the beard by making two paper beards and taping them together. Use different colours.
  • Play pirates and dress-up in the beards.
  • Alternatively, create loops with the two lengths of string so your child can hang the beard from their ears.

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