Delightful ballroom dress-ups

Delightful ballroom dress-ups

Your party girls are ready for a magical ball, they just need a little dressing up! Create your own beauty box so your party guests can all the fun of dressing up for the occassion.

What you need:

  • dresses
  • skirts
  • blouses
  • scarves
  • high-heeled shoes
  • ribbons
  • shawls
  • hats
  • gloves
  • costume jewellery

Number of players:


Encourage your party guests (it won’t take much) to make themselves even more beautiful than they already are by donning the clothing and accessories of their choice.

If possible, provide a mirror so the girls can admire themselves in the party room, or allow them to use one in a nearby room. Play music to set the mood while the girls dress.

Once the girls are elegantly attired, give them the opportunity to dance around to music.

This is a perfect photo opportunity for you. Use an instant camera so you can send home a photo with each guest. Or use a film or digital camera and make prints as soon as possible to give each guest with a Thank You card.

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