Easter Bingo

Make your own Easter Bingo to keep your kids entertained and get them into the Easter mood. It’s all totally eggs-cellent fun.

Download and print the Easter Bingo sheets. Each sheet has the same pictures just in a different order.

Collect up some markers you could use – coins, buttons or even LEGO bricks could be used.

Cut the pictures from one sheet and put in a container. Decide which pattern on the bingo card wins, ie vertical or horizontal line or even diagonal!

Have one person be the caller. The caller should pick one picture out of the container and call it out to the rest of the players. Make sure the picture is described well!

If your card has a picture on it that matches the one called out, cover it with a marker.

When you have a pattern that matches the winning pattern call out Bingo and you win.

Print your easter bingo

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