Easy chore jars idea

Easy chore jars idea

Chore charts and rewards charts are a good way to get kids' routines organised. Getting help around the house might be a bit easier with this easy chore jars system. 

What you need:


  • 1 x jar for chores to live in
  • 1 x jar for each child
  • a packet of coloured popsicle sticks (about a dozen)
  • black marker pen
  • sticky tape
  • paper

Number of players:



Write out a list of chores you can realistically expect your kids to do each week. Assign an amount of money to each chore, based on how hard or easy it is. (Start with an amount of 50 cents for things like setting the table, up to $2 for vacuuming the floor.)

Label the first jar, "Chores" and each remaining jar with each child's name.

Colour code the popsicle sticks to make choosing a chore easier. (For example, if kids want to make more money they choose all the $2 sticks which will be green.) Write the chore and the amount for that chore on each stick.

Put all the sticks in the "Chores" jar.  Each child must do a minimum of four chores per week. They can do more, but four is the minimum. Once they have performed that chore, they put the stick with that chore written on it in their jar.

At the end of the week, add up their sticks and give them the amount they have earned.

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