Father’s Day Poem: Dad, I love you

Father’s Day Poem: Dad, I love you

A poem for Dad this Father's Day can remind him of all the fun you share together. Remember the tickles and the running, as well as all the mischief Dad can get up to when Mum is not looking!

What you need:

Number of players:


One by one we count fingers and toes,
You point to your eyes and then to your nose.

Look at that! We match you and me,
The same coloured eyes and funny nose I see.

Our fingers are long and our toes are all wiggly,
They make you smile and I get all giggly.

I love when we play, giggle and laugh,
I love the fun we always have.

I love the tickles and playing we do,
You know what Dad? I love you!

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