Toys That Have Stood The Test of Time

There is such an amazing range of toys available for children in today’s world with a seemingly never-ending selection of new and exciting toys and options to entertain and engage them.

But there are some toys that have stood the test of time and continue to bring delight to even the most technologically savvy toddlers.

What toddlers are learning

There’s a lot of learning going on during the toddler phase as they continue to explore and develop their understanding of how the world around them works and also how their body works.

Toddlers have got a lot of learning to do – and they are very busy doing it. Toys that feed their curiosity and development are the ones that endure and remain favourites for generations.

So what is it that toddlers are learning, and how do these classic toys support and enhance their development?

How things go together, similarities and differences

Toddlers love making connections about how objects are used together or go together, how they can be the same and how they differ, so toys like shape sorters, stacking rings, or blocks are ideal.

They are also learning to understand about object permanence – that just because they can no longer see it, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Learning colours, shapes, numbers and sizes is also an important aspect of this phase.

It’s me!

Toddlers love to be heard! They are learning lots of different ways to communicate through words, sounds, gestures and facial expressions.

Toddlers are learning to communicate and are also learning to socialise, play alongside a friend, take turns, compromise and even start playing together. They love to mimic what they see in the world around them and start to enjoy role playing – they love pretending they are busy in a shop, cooking, and parenting babies. Dress-up costumes, play kitchens and workshops, and simple board games are favourites.


Toddlers love movement – and they love to move. They are learning how to walk, run and jump.

They also love to make things move – pushing, pulling, sliding, dropping, pouring, and even throwing are all fantastic learning experiences for toddlers. Ride-on toys are the ones kids go back to again and again, while sand and water toys will be used in the sandpit, the paddling pool, the play kitchen …

More classic toddler toys that have stood the test of time

  • Wooden blocks have been a favourite for centuries. Stacking, sizes, shapes, and colours are all key things toddlers can learn from playing with blocks.
  • Get hands-on learning with sturdy wooden puzzles. Kids will also be learning colours, shapes, perseverance, and developing their spatial awareness as they rotate shapes to fit.
  • Great for future builders, kid-sized wooden work benches are perfect for imaginative projects and hours of fun.

What are your favourite childhood toys – an do you kids love them too?

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