Teaching Our Son to Swim with SplashSave

Teaching children to swim is a very important lesson and can be a life saving tool. But it is also an expensive class for families, whether you are living on a budget or not and especially if you have more than one child.

Learning to swim through a swimming school can cost anywhere from $120 to $250 a term and that is per child. And it can take a preschool child anywhere from two to three years to master water safety lessons.

Introducing SplashSave

SplashSave is a learn to swim pack designed to support you in teaching your children early years water safety education in a fun and engaging way – as well as being a cost-saving alternative to traditional swimming schools. The one off cost is $49.00 for the pack and it can be used on more than one child!

We were recently sent a SplashSave pack to try out and review. We sat down and read the book and the lesson plans and then we showed our son, Xavier. We explained what it was and what we would be doing, we showed him the waterproof cards it came with as well as the certificates. We got him excited about learning something new.


Learning at our own pace

When it comes to water, Xavier is not the most confident little boy. He hates water in his face, getting it in his ears and going over his head. So as you can imagine bath time and pool time can be a bit of a stressful time with us.

With SplashSave it’s designed for you to go at your own pace which for us was helpful for slowly introducing Xavier to the idea of swimming and not just playing in the pool.

We decided to do one day each weekend where we took just Xavier to the pools with no time limit and no little brothers. After getting changed we showed him what the section was that we were going to work on which helped him to know what was going to be happening and then we took about 10 minutes to get into the pool, relax and have a little bit of fun instead of just jumping straight into the lessons.

Xavier really surprised us. He was all for it and was having so much fun in the process. He listened to what Luke was talking about and watched very carefully when it came to what Luke was doing.

And what surprised us is how willing Xavier was to get involved. Usually he will scream and cry but not with this. He floated both on his back and on his front with Luke holding him, he kicked holding onto the side of the pool, he let Luke put water over his head without crying and he even put his mouth in the water and blew bubbles. He wouldn’t fully submerge his face and head but he attempted and that’s all we could ask for.

And the best part is that he had the biggest smile on his face the entire time. He was so proud of himself when he got out and received his certificate and a little treat that we gave him.

We would definitely recommend SplashSave to our friends and family and we have in fact spoken to our head teacher at daycare about it who went looking for more information to pass on to parents.


Why choose SplashSave?

The major benefits we found with using SplashSave were:

  • No time limits. You can work through the lessons at your own pace.
  • The one-on-one time you spend with your child – being able to focus solely on Xavier and give him our full attention really helped him relax and be more confident.
  • No weeknight or weekend classes which meant no rushing around and no overly tired little boy at the end of the lesson
  • And the affordability. As I stated above the cost of swimming lessons can be expensive and if you are living on a tight budget like we are they are just unaffordable for us. But with SplashSave you have just the one off cost which is more affordable and it can be used on more than one child which is helpful as we are a family with three little boys.

If you are looking for a more affordable way to teach your child/ren water safety then SplashSave is definitely the way to go. The book is very informative as well as the lessons and the waterproof quick guides were great as a reminder at the pools.

We will definitely be continuing on with these lesson plans with both our other two boys and Xavier is already asking when we can go back to the pool to carry on.

Just a Happy Mum

This review was written by Danielle from Just a Happy Mum. Danielle was provided with a free learn to swim pack from SplashSave. All content and opinions are the writer’s own.

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