Fun match

Kids love to play online games and online memory is a fun kids activity to get them involved and learning. Log on today and watch as your children learn and develop a deeper understanding of patterns, pairs and pictures.

What you need:

  • Computer with internet access

Number of players:


This online game is very similar to memory or concentration games with physical cards facing down.

The object of the game is to find all the matching pairs of cards.

The children get to choose the theme (eg. dinosaurs, bugs, colours, musical instruments and so on) and the level of difficulty – more pairs means more difficult.

They will be shown some cards with their faces down.

The child will select two of the cards by clicking in the box next to the card with their mouse.

Then, press the “Check It” button at the bottom.

If both cards are the same, those cards will be removed.

If they are different, the child needs to remember what is on the card so they can try again.

Press the “Pick Again!” button and select two more cards.

The game is over when all of the pairs are matched and thus all the cards are gone.

Visit the website now to get started!

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