Halloween party games for kids


Getting together for some Halloween fun doesn’t have to be a chore with decorations spread across the house. These simple, no fuss games have been created for when the resources are low and the imagination has to be called upon.

Guessing game

  • Pop your Halloween lollies in the jar, making sure you know exactly how many there are.
  • Have the kids guess the amount of lollies in the jar. Each guest only gets one turn!
  • The closest to the correct amount gets to take the jar home.

Zombies and ghouls

  • Blindfold the zombie and give him a spin.
  • Give the ghouls a 10 second head start and let the zombie loose.
  • Each time a ghoul is tagged, he has the bug and is sat out of the game.
  • The winner is the last ghoul standing.
  • There is ONE twist – the zombie must behave like a zombie. A staggering motion with his hands out in front to tag.

Witches relay

  • Create a starting point and a turn around point.
  • Split the kids up in to two even teams and line them up in single file.
  • Hand a broom to the first team player in each team.
  • The first team player is to run around the turn around point and back to the second team player.
  • Passing the broom to the second team player, the first team player goes to the back of the line and the second team player runs around the turn around point.
  • Continue until all the the kids have had a fly on the broom.
  • The first team to get through all of their players WINS!

Spooky stories

  • Start the kids off by creating a great beginning to a spooky story – see notes for inspiration
  • Going around the room, each child adds a sentence to the story.
  • As it grows, the imaginations of kids will get more and more wild.
  • You might want to have a video camera handy – it could get quite funny!

Some great story starters for your kids:

  • In the big, old house on the corner stood a …
  • Behind the closed curtain in the quiet dark room there was a …
  • Around the campfire, the kids sat listening to the noises in the forest. They heard …

Monster mosh

  • Gather the kids together and have them stand with their arms out so they cannot touch eachother. This creates a nice area where nobody can get hurt.
  • Pop your music on and watch the monster mosh.
  • Stop the music keeping a close eye on them all
  • The last one to stop sits out and the game continues.
  • The last one standing WINS!

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