Homemade paper flower bouquet

Homemade paper flower bouquet

The wonderful thing about this activity is that each flower will be unique if you allow room for experimentation – and of course mum will love them (they last forever!).

What you need:

  • Paper
  • Newspaper
  • Tissue paper
  • Crepe paper
  • Wrapping paper
  • About 4-6 wide strips of whichever paper you use (the larger they are, they easier they are to work with for little hands). Specific lengths aren’t required, but make sure the 4-6 strips are all the same.
  • Pipe cleaners or twist ties
  • Scissors

Number of players:


Cut about five wide strips of paper making sure they are long and wide.

Put the strips in a pile and starting at one end begin to fold like an accordion – concertina style.

When the pile is fully folded into a tight bunched strip, tie a pipe cleaner around the middle to secure the folded paper in place.

Using the scissors trim a rounded edge, on both ends of the tightened strip.

Trimming the ends into a point like a triangle, or like a half circle will create different looks.

Gently pull each piece of bunched paper outwards.

You are now spreading the bunched layers to form the petals of the flower.

Make several flowers to complete a bouquet and when they are ready present them in a basket or fasten them to a branch, ready for mum.


  • Try experimenting with different types of paper to create unique flower designs.
  • Rubbers bands can also be used to hold the concertina (accordion style) fold together, before you spread the paper to create the petals.
  • You can use up to ten or even fifteen wide strips of paper in your pile to create luxurious full petalled flowers.

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