How to write poetry: Alphabet poems

How to write poetry: Alphabet poems

This is a great activity for all kids but particularly great as a next step from learning the alphabet. Move along from the repetition of letter learning to having some fun with each letter and create an interesting story as you go.

What you need:

  • pen or grey lead for writing
  • paper
  • imagination

Number of players:


This learning game for kids is a great balance between storytelling and poetry. These poems don't rhyme and are written in a similar way to an acrostic poem. You can also take turns with any number of players to add a line to the story. The catch to the alphabet poem is that each line must begin with each letter of the alphabet in order.

Here is an example to get you started .

A little girl was reading to herself one day.
But when asked to read out loud she refused.
Calmly, her teacher asked:
"Darling – what is wrong?" She simply responded
"Every time I read aloud I
Forget what I am saying and trip on my words."
"Go ahead" her teacher said, "I will
Help you where I can."

Continue along the alphabet until it is complete or pass it along to a friend for each letter but fold the page and don't show them what was written for the letter before. It can get quite funny reading it at the end.

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