Ice block building

Ice block building

Kids of all ages love playing with blocks. And ice blocks? Well, they're a kid's favourite too. Now add them both together and you have a cool activity that is messy and fun!

What you need:

  • ice containers
  • water
  • food colouring – see notes for other ideas

Number of players:


Fill your containers up with a mixture of water and food colouring. For best results, use all shapes and sizes. Some ideas are:

  • ice trays
  • cups
  • snack cups
  • chocolate moulds

Once frozen, take the kids outside to an area where mess isn't a problem and pop the moulds out on a flat surface.

This is where the fun begins. Building towers, cupcakes, trains or trucks will be great fun and the vibrant colours add an extra sensory element.


  • This activity is not limited to just coloured water; you could use juice, cordial or any other edible liquid to freeze.
  • It's best to do the freezing ahead of time so the kids aren't waiting in anticipation of the frozen blocks with constant questions of "Are they frozen yet?".


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