Jack-o’-lantern bookmark

Jack-o’-lantern bookmark

These cute Jack-o'-lantern bookmarks are a great Halloween decoration for your kids' school pencil cases, lunch boxes or lolly bowls. Have your little ones place their bookmarks in their bowl of lollies, or use it to add a colourful mark for their reading books.

What you need:

  • A wide ice cream stick
  • Orange craft foam or cardboard
  • Scraps of black craft foam or cardboard
  • Sticky foam or plastic letters
  • Glue

Number of players:


Cut out a small pumpkin shape from the orange craft foam.

Cut scary mouth and eye shapes for your Jack-o'-lanterns out of the black foam scraps. Glue to the pumpkin shapes to create your Jack-o'-lantern expression.

Glue the foam pumpkin to the end of the ice cream stick. Let dry.

Use foam or plastic letters to add a name or message to the broom handle. Example: Jack's Lollies or Happy Halloween

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