Keep silkworms activity

Keep silkworms activity

Silkworms make good pets because they are noiseless, odourless, little and soft. Here's how to keep them.

What you need:

  • Silkworms (try your local pet store or an online supplier)
  • Shoebox with lid
  • Mulberry leaves

Number of players:


Place a layer of mulberry leaves into the shoebox and put some silkworms on top of the leaves. Cover the silkworms with another layer of mulberry leaves.

Silkworms only eat mulberry leaves, so replace the leaves regularly to avoid them becoming mouldy.

When you can see the grubs above the leaves it is time to feed them again with fresh leaves. They will eat more as they grow, getting very hungry. When their eating slows and they begin to look chubby and slightly yellow, it is time for them to spin!

Place an upside down egg carton over the silkworms, or put them in the egg carton tubs with just a few leaves. The silkworms will surround themselves in yellow, pink or white cocoons and, in a month or so, will emerge as flightless moths. They do not eat or drink during this part of the lifecycle. The moths may mate and lay eggs on the walls of your box and in about two weeks the moths will die. This is the lifecycle of the silkworm.

At this point you need to choose if you wish to keep silk worms again. If not, return the eggs to the supplier or give them away to a friend. The eggs will hatch into tiny worms next winter.

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