Lay and rest

Lay and rest

Quite often we get to bedtime and we sing the same old tune to the kids and it is like a broken record. Try some newer versions of older lullabies to familiar tunes and see some great results with sleeping babies.

What you need:

  • a sleepy baby
  • your voice

Number of players:


As I lay,
you down to rest,
you smile right back at me,

you pretend
that you’re not,
At all sleepy.

I rub your head, you close your eyes,
you snuggle into my hand.
I sing a song, you roll away,
you know in bed you will stay.

Tuck up tight, little one,
Now sleep soundly you hear?
I will check in, on you soon,
you have nothing to fear.

Sung to 5 Sleepy heads.

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