Make a beaded starfish

Make a beaded starfish

Have a 'crafternoon' with an ocean theme. This cute beaded starfish is an easy ocean craft activity for kids. You can make a whole lot of other sea creatures to go with it and create your own Octopus's garden.

What you need:

Number of players:



Use our downloadable starfish template to cut a star shape out of your piece of cardboard. 

Paint it on both sides.

Crease the star where each point begins to make your starfish look more animated.

Glue on his googly eyes.

Now on his underside, you are going to give him some 'suckers'. You can use beads from an old necklace if you don't want to go to the craft shop. Just glue three beads to each point. (Keep an eye on small children while you are using beads.)

All done! Make this cute starfish in lots of different colours.

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