Make a Halloween scarecrow

Make a Halloween scarecrow

Halloween is a great time to get outside at dusk an scare the bejeezus out of your neighbours.  Decorate your house for Halloween this year with this creepy Halloween scarecrow idea.

What you need:

  • 2 x wooden garden stakes (150cm & 100cm roughly)
  • styrofoam ball or a ballooon (for the head)
  • Halloween mask
  • Black robe of some kind
  • 2 x disposable rubber gloves (hands)
  • masking tape
  • hammer
  • nails

Number of players:




This is just like making a scarecrow, but it's scarier than your average scarecrow.

Start by forming the two garden stakes into a cross, the cross -piece will be the arms.  (See video)

Nail them in place.

Now add the head.  We found a very creepy mannequin's head at our local recycled garbage centre (Reverse Garbage, Sydney) but you could also use a styrofoam ball from the craft shop, a child's ball or even a balloon.

Next you'll need to dress your scarecrow.  Make sure you add a scary Halloween mask and some creepy black robes.

For the hands, blow up each disposable glove, tie it off and attach it to the ends of the arms with masking tape.

Put your scarecrow out the front on Halloween and frighten the life out of the trick or treaters who come to call.

*Evil laugh*

Notes and tips: 

  • You could use a carved pumpkin as a head and dress your scarecrow in a suit for a natty Jack'o'Lantern scarecrow.
  • Thanks to our sister company Kidspot Australia for creating the instructional video.

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