Make a neighbourhood map

Make a neighbourhood map

Map skills can develop special concepts that help children understand distance and time. A good way to expose children to maps is to make one of the local area. Take a walk together afterwards and see if you can follow along with the map made.

What you need:

  • coloured pencils to decorate
  • paper
  • pencil

Number of players:


Look at a few maps of different areas to show your kids how maps work.

Think about your local area and what landmarks are near by.

Get a large piece of white paper and some pens.

Starting from your home, think about the route you would drive or walk and mark things like stores, schools, parks and houses.

When you are done thinking about the area and mapping it out, walk out of your house and follow your map.

If you can, jot down things as you go to include in your map. Don't forget to include your local milk bar or video store.

Colour in the map and make it personal.

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