Make A Stepping Stone

Personalise your garden or the kids space with their very own stepping stones.

You can make one or many stones depending on your needs. Put a little personality into the garden and jazz it up with some sparkle. It makes a beautiful gift for Father’s Day, Mother’s Day or a birthday.

What you need:

  • stepping stone moulds (plastic trays, old cake molds or plant saucers), as many as you want
  • drop sheet
  • plastic wrap
  • fly screen cutting just smaller than mould
  • concrete
  • decorations


Lay down a drop sheet to protect your work surface area. Wear gloves and goggles for protection.

Set out the plastic trays. Doing one at a time would be ideal.

Mix up the concrete as per manufacturers directions.

Spoon concrete into stepping stone mould about half way and lay some flyscreen or cloth across the concrete. This will strengthen it when set.

Continue filling the mould until you reach the top.

Tap the mould to help any trapped air bubbles escape and to even the top of the concrete out.

Leave to partially set, about 1 -2 hours.

When partially set, add decorations, hand prints, initials or even gemstones in the top.

Let your stone set for up to a week before popping it out of the mould.

If you plan on painting, make sure you cover with a clear acrylic to seal it.

Ensure stone is completely dry before setting it outside.

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