Make button invitations

Make button invitations

These cute as a button invitations are great for a rainy day of crafting or as a cute invitation to your child's very own craft party.

What you need:

  •  scissors
  •  coloured cardboard
  •  brown paper
  •  pinking shears
  •  needle and thread or a sewing machine
  •  glue
  •  real or paper buttons
  •  coloured envelopes

Number of players:


Cut out pieces of cardboard, making sure that they will fit nicely into your envelopes.

Then cut out a smaller piece of brown paper using pinking shears. Keep it rough so that it has a nice homemade feel.

Sew the brown paper to the cardboard; it looks great if you sew the paper at an angle to the cardboard.

Then glue on some buttons in assorted colours and then they're ready to put into envelopes.

More on the having a craft party birthday theme.

This is an edited extract from Party! The Ultimate Kids' Birthday Party Book, published by Plum for Pan Macmillan Australia.

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