Make your own Easter egg family

Make your own Easter egg family

All you need are eggs and permanent markers to make these super cute, super fun eggs and you can create your very own Easter egg family!

What you need:

  • eggs – hard boiled, blown or straight from the carton.
  • permanent markers
  • an egg carton
  • something to cover your work surface.

Number of players:


Cover your work surface with newspaper or a plastic cloth and wear old clothes or an apron.

Cut up an empty egg carton into sections to give the kids somewhere to rest their eggs while they’re working on them.

Use the markers to draw faces, hair, clothes and accessories on your Easter egg people!


  • Eggs come in a selection of different colours, just like people, so I chose a range of eggs in different shades to decorate.
  • If your decoration crew includes yournger children you can choose to hard boil the eggs to make them stronger and more stable for little hands to manipulate. You could also blow your eggs, which is a fun activity for older kids, or leave them as is.
  • They don’t call them permanant markers for nothing! Make sure your table is well covered just in case your little artists get overly enthusiastic with the markers.

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