Mathematical war

Everyone loves a bit of friendly competition. Mathematical war gives us just that with more fast-paced fun than you can muster. Kids love the challenge of beating their peers in this great card game created just for them!

What you need:

  • deck of cards

Number of players:


Take out all jokers, jacks and queens from the deck.

Cards are face value with the kings given a value of 11 and the aces given 12.

Shuffle and separate the deck into two even piles.

Each player flips over the top card in their pile, at the same time.

The numbers turned become an addition sum. For example, if one player turns over a four and the other a 10, the answer would be 14.

The first player to answer the sum correctly gets that pair of cards.

If both players call out the answer simultaneously, the pair go into a separate pile and that pair is discounted.

The person with the most cards at the end of the deck wins the war.

Notes: This game can be played with multiplication sums for a more challenging game.

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