Maths for kids: Guesstimator

Maths for kids: Guesstimator

Maths problems are certainly not solved at a guess, but this multiplication game gives everyone the best chance at winning. Problem solving comes later, but each child or team gets to have a stab first!

What you need:

  • mum, dad or an older sibling
  • pens
  • paper


Number of players:


Divide the kids into teams or individuals if there are only two.

Each team must have a pen and paper handy to write down their guess.

The teacher figure writes a two-digit multiplication problem on a board or on a piece of paper.

Each team has a guess at what the answer might be.

Solve the problem all together with the teacher.  Closest to the real answer wins that point.

This game can be played with other equations such as addition for younger levels or division for older kids.

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