Maths riddle for kids

Maths riddle for kids

Riddles are great fun for kids and the more they have to think, the better for you! Grab the pencils and paper and get ready for some serious brain training and calculating as they work out the answer to this maths masterpiece.

What you need:

  • pencil
  • paper
  • calculator (optional)

Number of players:


Grab your supplies and get calculating.

Here is your riddle.
You must buy 100 ducks for exactly $100. The condition is that you must purchase at least 1 duck from every store available.
The first store charges 5 cents per duck.
The second store charges $1 per duck.
The third store charges $5 per duck.
How many duck should you buy from each store?

80 from store 1.
1 from store 2.
19 from store 3.

80 x. 05c = $4
1 x $1 = $1
19 x $5 = $95

$4 + $1 + $95 = $100 exactly.

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