Mind buster apple cluster: Make an apple puzzle

Mind buster apple cluster: Make an apple puzzle

This mind buster is all about the snack – well, after it's been solved of course. Create a puzzle suited to your child's age with a few small cuts of an apple. Don't forget to make it a little trickier for the bigger kids!

What you need:

  • an apple
  • a small paring knife
  • chopping board

Number of players:


Take your apple and place it on the chopping board.

To make a simple puzzle, you'll only need to make a few cuts.

Make angled cuts to the middle of the apple, pushing right to the centre. Continue all the way around so your apple ends up in half. That might be enough for the littlies. For slightly older, more cluey kids, angle the cuts differently and pop a few straight cuts in. So long as you get all the way around, the apple will be in two pieces.

Now, for kids that may just be too big for their boots, cut a square out of the bottom too. Place it on the chopping board and slice it in half to make two triangles. They'll have fun getting THAT back in!

Keep going if you want to make it SUPER tricky and give it to the kids to solve.

Not only will they have fun doing it, they'll love eating it too.

You can cut the apple any way you like, It doesn't even have to be in half, but it is easier to reconstruct with the core in place.

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