One-handed wonder chef

One-handed wonder chef

Just in case cooking in the kitchen with kids isn't messy enough, we thought with this game we could make things a little trickier. This cooking game will bring a whole new meaning to mum's saying "I can do it with one hand behind my back". Have fun!

What you need:

  • cutting boards for each player
  • butter knives
  • 2 slices of bread each
  • sandwich fillings (see suggestions)

If playing alone: 

  • egg timer

Number of players:


Set the fillings for the kids on the bench.

With their bread placed out ready to spread, get set to say GO and let the kids free with a plan to build the perfect sandwich, one-handed.

Before you say GO!, make sure their dominant hand is the hand they will be building and spreading with and the other hand is either at thier side, on their hip or behind their back. Be sure to be the referee on this one!

Give them a butter knife and watch the fun begin.

Have the kids race each other or the egg timer.

Sandwich suggestions:

Sandwich one:

  • bottom bread layer
  • butter
  • strassburg
  • squirt of sauce
  • slice of cheese
  • top bread layer

Sandwich two:

  • bottom bread layer
  • mayonnaise
  • ham
  • slice of cheese
  • top bread layer

Sandwich three:

  • bottom bread layer
  • vegemite
  • slice of cheese
  • top bread layer

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