Paper snake

Paper snake

Make this paper snake and keep him as a pet. Go for a walk, hang him up or simply hand him out for a gift. This art and craft paper snake is a cute addition to any room's decor.

What you need:

  • coloured paper
  • scissors
  • crayons
  • red wool
  • tape
  • 50cms string
  • stapler

Number of players:


Using scissors cut a long strip from the coloured paper and round the edges at one end of the strip.

At the opposite end, diagonally cut the edges off to form a point.

This is the pointy tail of the snake.

Use crayons to draw two eyes onto the rounded end of the long strip of paper.

This is the head of the snake.

Colour in or draw scales down the length of the strip.

Decorate both sides.

Next, you are going to concertina-fold the long strip of paper.

Beginning at the head end of the snake, fold the strip of paper over.

Create another fold, by lifting the head of the snake and pressing down – it is possible to measure these folds so that they are evenly spaced, but when your child is doing the folding, the folding action is more important than even spacing.

Repeat this concertina-folding process until you reach the end of the snake.

The snake’s body should resemble steps or a zigzag.

Cut a small length of red wool and tape it underneath the snake’s head, so that it protrudes like a snake’s tongue.

Tape or staple the length of string to the snake’s neck.

This is so that your child can pull the snake along the ground, and take it on walks like when walking a dog.


  • Make several snakes to encourage your child to practice concertina-folding.

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