Pet kennel

Pet kennel

All kids love a bit of art and craft. With this super cool activity, kids can make their very own pet house for whichever pet they choose. Kids will love making, decorating and getting messy whilst having all this fun!

What you need:

  • box (sized accordingly to selected animal)
  • scissors or knife (depending on box size)
  • old magazines
  • newspaper
  • glue
  • tissue paper
  • coloured paper
  • paint
  • paint brushes
  • water container
  • felt tip pens

Number of players:


Ask your child what animal they are making the kennel for: dog, cat, mouse, guinea pig, dingo, wombat – use both of your imaginations!

A small animal will require a small box (i.e. a tissue box), and a large animal will require a large box.

Cut an arch for a door or an opening where the animal can enter the kennel.

Lay out newspaper on your work space and set up the decorative craft items.

Let your child decorate.

Once it is dry they have a kennel they can use again and again.



  • The box can be any box from a tissue box to a box from the local fruit shop (depending on what animal the child desires for the kennel).
  • Keep it simple and stick to one or two forms of decoration, i.e. painting and collage complement one another and are lots of fun for the younger ages.
  • Pictures from newspapers and magazines can be torn (or cut) and collaged for decoration.
  • PVA is the stronger glue option but a glue stick or paste will work fine.
  • When painting make sure you have an apron for your child.
  • When choosing the animal perhaps you can teach your child a new animal.
  • You can also use a toy to be the animal you are making the kennel for – or even your household pet may enjoy it!

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