Photocopied flower card

Photocopied flower card

This simple activity is the modern age flower-pressing and creates unique illustrations for cards that mums will cherish for years and years.

What you need:

  • Flowers and leaves
  • Photocopy printer or scanner and printer
  • Scissors
  • Card
  • Glue

Number of players:


Pick some flowers and leaves for your card design.
Scan or photocopy them, and print.

Cut out into shapes or as they are.

Paste them to a card and embellish with your own personal message.


  • Half the fun of this activity is collecting the flowers and leaves from the garden. This way, littlies who aren’t big enough to do the cutting out can still be involved in making the card.
  • If you create a black and white photocopy of the flowers and leaves, you can colour in the pictures with watercolours or coloured pencils.

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