Ping pong ball race

Ping pong ball race

Perfect for a day out at the beach or a lazy day in the park, the ping pong ball race will keep your family entertained and active as they have fun. This party game and kids' activity is great especially as the kids can play on their own while you watch from a comfy seat nearby.

What you need:

  • Ping pong balls

Number of players:


At the beach, build a pile of sand to give you enough height for the balls to roll down.

Dig narrow channels, about twice the width of a ping pong ball, of equal length down the sloping side of the sand pile.

Line up a ping pong ball at the top of each channel and release them at the same time to race them to the bottom.

You can blow behind the balls to keep them rolling or speed them up.

The winner is the first over the finish line.


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