Pizza spin game

Pizza spin game

Pizza spin game is a great activity to teach the kids addition skills and basic math equations. It's fun, exciting and active. Whether you play it in the school yard or as a kids' party game, it's fun no matter where you are!

What you need:

  • Chalk
  • Blindfold

Number of players:


Divide the kids into two teams.

Draw a large circle at least 2 metres in radius on the ground with chalk.

Divide the circle into equal segments. You can choose how many segments you want to divide the circle into, but once done use the chalk to mark each segment with a number.

Choose one player from each team to stand in the centre of the circle.

Place a blind fold over his eyes and spin him around slowly.

Ask the player to take three steps in any direction, then remove the blindfold, and write down the number of the segment he is standing in.

Continue to play this way until every player in the team has had a turn.

Add up all the numbers to get the team's total.

Repeat with the second team.

The team with the highest score is the winner!

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