Plant a bean pyramid

Plant a bean pyramid

Kids love finding secret places to play and hide in the garden so why not create one together? With this fun and easy Bean Pyramid project, you can create a wonderous green escape for the kids and a source of yummy beans for the family. It's super easy to do so get started today.

What you need:

  • packet of pole bean seeds
  • long stakes or bamboo
  • string

Number of players:


Prepare the bean seeds by soaking them overnight.

Ready the soil of an area 1 metre x 1 metre.

Arrange the stakes in a pyramid shape by leaning the stakes at an angle from the base to meeting at their tips.

Bind the tips of the stakes together with string.

Plant the bean seeds in a circle outside the stakes bases.

Water well after planting.

As the beans grow, tie the stems to the stakes with the string.

In six to eight weeks, the beans will have grown up to cover the stakes and the kids can begin to hide inside the pyramid and you can begin to harvest the beans!

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