Plant a salad garden

Plant a salad garden

Bring the joy of gardening to the table with some great salad ingredients this season. We all know kids love eating when they take part in cooking, but even more so with the growing. Choose your favourite salad ingredients and have them ready to eat in no time.

What you need:

  • favourite salad ingredients in seed form. (cucumber, carrot,  tomato, lettuce, snow peas)
  • water
  • soil
  • garden tools
  • pots or a garden plot
  • manure or compost


Number of players:


Dig over your area with your garden tools to loosen the soil.

Add manure and dig through loose soil.

Following instructions on the seed packs, sow as far apart as needed.

Water the seeds and in no time, you will be watching your salad garden grow.

Water regularly.

When fruit and vegies have grown, harvest and enjoy!

Ensure you have chosen a sunny place to grow your salad garden.

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