Play dough garden

Play dough garden

Everyone loves playing with play dough! This activity allows you to create a little play dough garden complete with anything you desire. Remember to wrap it up after use and it will keep for a long time!

What you need:

  • a large lump of play dough
  • natural found items from your garden or the park (gum nuts, twigs, leaves, flowers, bark, feathers)
  • a tray or thick flat piece of cardboard to work on

Number of players:


With your child, collect natural items from your garden or the park.

To create the garden, help your child flatten out the lump of play dough on the tray or piece of thick cardboard (making sure it is at least 1/2cm thick).

Next encourage them to stick the natural items into the play dough base to create a unique landscape.


  • You can use a rolling pin to flatten out the dough, but hands will certainly do the trick as well as creating a unique terrain.
  • Your child can drive matchbox cars through the garden by allowing space for roads when creating it or use it as a home for a small animal or people toys (i.e. a zoo set or Lego).
  • For something different you can use pasta or lentils to create new structures or printed patterns on the dough.

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