Reindeer dash

Reindeer dash

Even Santa would be impressed with the speed with which these racing reindeer dash for their outfits in this fun relay race. Fun for all ages and easy to set up and play at any Christmas party, indoor or outside, Reindeer dash will have your kids active and laughing in no time.

What you need:

Number of players:


Cut out four circles from the craft paper and cut a doughnut hole in the middle of the circles to create an opening that would fit a child's nose.

Place Santa hats, gumboots, belt, red circles or noses and Vaseline on a table across the room or garden.

Line the kids up in two teams.

Place a reindeer antlers headband on the front child in each team.

When you say go, the first player has to race to the table, grab a Santa hat from the table, fit it on her head between the antlers and run back to tag the next teammate without the hat falling off.

The second player has to put on the antlers and the hat, run to the table and add another clothing item from the table and run back to tag the next teammate.

The player who chooses the red nose must first put Vaseline on her own nose and slide on the red nose. This will keep it in place for the dash back to her team. If it falls off, the player must return to the table and apply more Vaseline to keep the red nose in place.

The winning team are the players that finish the reindeer dress-up relay first!

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