Roundabout relay

Roundabout relay

This game is fun for outdoor parties. Your guests will jump for joy during this fun relay.

What you need:

  • Red or pink cardboard
  • Scissors

Number of players:


Cut four large hearts (or other fun shapes like hot air balloons!) out of cardboard.

At the party, divide your guests into two equal lines and give the first person in each line two of the cardboard hearts. These become portable stepping-stones the child uses to travel from the front of the line, across the room, around a chair and back to the line again.

The game begins by having the first child on each team place one heart shape on the ground and step on it. Then they place the other heart shape on the ground in front of the first and step on it.

Next, they pick up the first cardboard shape and place it on the ground in front of the other, etc. When they reach the finish line, they hand the two stepping-stones to the next player in line.

The team whose players make it through the course first, wins!

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