Scarecrow tiggy

Scarecrow tiggy

What's a kids' party without a game of tiggy? Scarecrow tiggy offers a fun spin on the classic game, where the scarecrow must freeze in position when tagged. To be free, someone must crawl through their legs! This is a great party game that adults can play, too!

What you need:

  • open area for running

Number of players:


In a large, open area, stand the kids away from each other. Space them out using the scarecrow arms to explain the game.

Game rules:

One player is "it" and the others need to get away.

When the child who is "it" tags another player, that person must stand like a scarecrow.

They can be set free by any other player only if their scarecrow legs are crawled through.

Once they are free, they can be tagged again.

Game play stops if all players are tagged and frozen into a scarecrow.

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