Spoiled telephone

Spoiled telephone

Spoiled telephone also known as Chinese whispers, is a fun kids activity for children of all ages. Laugh along with your kids as messages get scrambled and wires crossed in this hilarious party game.


Number of players:


In what is often known as Chinese Whispers, have children sit in a line and have an adult or leader not participating in the game tell the first child at one end of the line a word or a message.

The object of the game is to communicate this word or message by whispering it to the child next to them and so on up through the line.

The last child at the end of the line must then state out aloud what the word or message was.

Children often enjoy seeing how a word or message can be changed due to miscommunication.

The goal is to have the word or message that travels up the line of children be the same as when it started.

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