Spooky glowing eyes

Spooky glowing eyes

Give visitors a little scare with some creepy glowing eyes peering at them from the bushes or through the window behind the curtains. Yet another use for those toilet rolls!

What you need:

  • toilet roll or paper towel roll
  • masking tape
  • battery-operated flameless candles tealight size (or glow sticks)
  • scalpel


Number of players:


Step 1. Use the scalpel to cut out eye shapes in the toilet roll on one side.

Step 2. Try different shapes for a collection of creepiness!

Step 3. Remove the “flame” from the candle (it should gently unscrew)

Step 4. Place the tealight into the end of the toilet roll light-side in and tape in place.

Step 5. Repeat on the other end and tape around the ends several times to keep secure but to also avoid the light escaping from those ends.

Step 6. Put in place and turn it on when the sun goes down.

TIP: The candles worked the best, but glow sticks do give off other colours! Place the glow sticks in the rolls and fill the ends with cotton wool or newspaper before taping to “trap” the light.

This craft was created by Belinda Graham, who blogs at The Happy Home Blog.

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