Stained glass window

Stained glass window

This is a great art and craft activity that kids will have so much fun in making. The kids will love watching the sunshine coming through the windows in all different colours.

What you need:

  • cellophane
  • paper
  • scissors
  • tape
  • pencil (and eraser)

Number of players:


Draw a range of shapes onto a page using a pencil – make sure there is at least a 2cm border between them.

This design will be the framework for the stained glass window so it is important that the shapes are kept simple and large, as they will be easier to cut out.

Cut out the shapes that have been drawn and rub out any remaining pencil marks to neaten your project.

Next tape small pieces of different coloured cellophane to the back of the page you have taken the shapes from. If you overlap different coloured cellophane, new colours will be created.

Don’t worry if you go out of the lines when taping strips and shapes of cellophane, this will create more textures when the project is taped to a window.

When the back of the framework has been covered entirely with cellophane then you are finished.

Tape to a window in your house and watch as sunlight streams through, intensifying the colours.

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