The amazing balancing coin

The amazing balancing coin

Kids love to perfect and perform magic tricks. Learning a simple coin trick like this one will help build their self-esteem and fine motor skills.

What you need:

  • 1 x 20 cent coin
  • 1 x toothpick

Number of players:



Snap the toothpick in half.  Hold your hand out flat, palm facing down, fingers straight and neatly together. Stand the half toothpick upright between your ring and middle fingers. This is the upright position.

Then push it back so that the toothpick lies concealed between your fingers.

Performing the trick:

Explain to the audience that you have an amazing ability to balance a coin upright on the backs of your fingers.

Take out the coin. Lay it flat on top of the toothpick.

Raise the coin to a standing position near the ends of your fingers. At the same time use your thumb to also raise the toothpick to its standing position. The toothpick should stand, unseen, behind the coin and prop it up.

Make sure you do this very discretely so that no one knows the toothpick is there.

Keep the pressure on the toothpick between your two knuckles, the coin will balance there as if held by unseen forces.

Tips and hints:

  • While you perform this trick, talk about mind over matter or wiggle the fingers of your other hand over the coin as if that is where the magic is coming from.
  • Don't forget to dispose of the cocktail stick when people ask to examine the coin.

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