The egg in the bottle experiment

The egg in the bottle experiment

Science experiments are fun to do and a great way for children to learn. Try this science experiment and your kids will learn the effects of heat.

What you need:

  • Juice bottle
  • Hardboiled egg
  • Candles

Number of players:


Peel the hardboiled egg.

Hold the egg at the wider end and slowly push two birthday candles into the top of the egg.

Ask an adult to light the candles.

Turn the bottle upside down and slowly move it into position above the flaming candles.

Allow the flames to heat up the air inside the bottle for just a few seconds then place the bottle down over the candles. The candles will go out and with a “pop!” and the egg will squeeze up into the bottle.

To get the egg back out, place your mouth over the mouth of the bottle and forcefully blow air into the bottle.

The egg should pop back out of the bottle right into your mouth!


  • This classic science experiment works by creating a partial vacuum in the bottle by heating the air inside. The egg is sucked into the bottle by the external air pressure trying to fill up the space the vacuum has created.

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